This module is for Algebra 1, Grades 7-12 Welcome

Algebra is an area of mathematics in which letters, numbers and operations are used to describe relationships between variables. As mathematicians, we look at these relationships and the patterns that form within the relationships in order to form conclusions and to make predictions. The world is full of patterns that can be described and interpreted algebraically.

In this activity, you will look at arithmetic sequences as linear functions and at
geometric sequences as exponential functions. You will use the equations and graphs that model the functions to form conclusions and make predictions about the relationships they describe.

Module Objectives

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and write arithmetic sequences as linear functions.
  • Recognize and write geometric sequences as exponential functions.
  • Compare the equations and graphs of linear and exponential functions.
student writing algebraic expressions on a whiteboard


  • Distinguish between linear functions and exponential functions.
  • Construct linear functions when given arithmetic sequences.
  • Construct exponential functions when given geometric sequences.
  • Interpret and compare the graphs and equations of linear functions and of exponential functions.